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GTrove is part of 2G Studio. In 2G Studio we are aware that to get very good results in our renderings we need every single detail we can get such as the lighting, textures, shaders, 3d models and of course with speed (getting high end results in the least amount of rendering time). For some cases, it’s hard to get these products out there.

From our experience, to achieve great lighting results we use HDRI’s. We consider them the best way to get the realistic feel in our renderings. Its 32 bit high dynamic range allow us to get almost every single color of the sky casted on our scene resembling lighting from the real world. Having this in mind, GTrove saw an opportunity and started creating our own high quality HDRI’s. We often find that HDRI’s out there contain lots of noise and may not deliver the quality expected. Having done our research, we know how to reduce this noise using the right tools to produce high quality HDRI’s such as fish eye lens and full frame camera (nikon D800E) taking around 5 angles and 9 bracketing shots for each angle. Using this method we have produced ultra-high resolution 24,000 pixel HDRI’s to help you achieve amazing lighting.

At GTrove, We know exactly what you need as we do the same as you.


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