FAQ and Support

Q : Do I need to create an account to get the freebies?

A : Yes, you will need to create an account to get the freebies, it’s free of charge.


Q : Where can I download the item(s) purchased?

A : You can download it directly from your account.


Q : How many times can I download the item(s) purchased?

A : There are no limitations to download them, you can download it anytime and from anywhere you want.


Q : Is there any expiration date for the item(s) purchased?

A : No, all your purchased item(s) will be stored permanently in your account.


Q : What are the payment options I can use?

A : We are currently using PayPal.com. They accept Visa and MasterCard.


Q : May I use the freebies for commercial work?

A : Yes, you may use it for commercial work and it would be greatly appreciated if you gave the credits of the G-HDRI to GTrove.


Q : Can I sell the skies after I do some modifications?

A : No, the skies may not be re-sold by any means.


Q : Am I allowed to bundle the sky with a scene which I would sell and/or redistribute later on?

A : No, this is not allowed.


Q : I am creating a computer game, can I use the G-HDRI’s?

A : Yes, when you purchase a G-HDRI you can incorporate it in a computer game that you’re creating.


Q : Why are G-HDRI’s provided only in Jpg and HDR formats only?

A : Since bandwidth is expensive, we provide less files to keep the price low.


Q : How can I get the Tiff, EXR and other format versions? Will they be provided?

A : These versions will not be provided but you can convert the HDR format version to Tiff and EXR using Photoshop anytime.


Q : What resolution will the Image(s) have?

A : There will be 3 options. When you buy 7K, you get a 7K HDR and a 10K Jpg. When you buy 13K you get a 13K HDR and a 13K Jpg. When you buy 24K you get a 24K HDR and a 24K Jpg.


Q : Why do you offer 3 size options? Why not just offer 1 size only, for example the 24K option?

A : At 2G Studio we do exterior and interior renders. For artists that specialize in interior renders, you definitely won’t need an HDRI larger than 7K because the larger the size, the more RAM it will consume. For exterior renders, some artists produce 2500 pixels on the longest side for final images and for that size a 7K is more than enough. We provide the best options at the best prices for all users out there.


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